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Rules to Live By

  • Be kind

  • Make decisions today that you’ll be proud of tomorrow.

  • You can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything.

  • The two most important decisions that you make in life are what you do for a living and who you marry. You get these two correct and you’ll have a nice life.

  • When everything is important, nothing is important.

  • A doctor, a lawyer, a CPA; have all 3 that you see regularly, personally & professionally

  • Work Smarter Not Harder - Delegate Early, Build Once Sell Twice, and Template Everything

  • Don’t bring problems to other people, bring solutions.

  • Dont ever work for someone you dont want to become.

  • Leave things better than you found them.

  • Speak confidently as if you are right, but listen carefully as if you are wrong.

  • Take the stairs.

  • It doesn’t matter what education or job you have. The most important thing is to be nice to the people around you.

  • Do the hardest thing first.